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Shade_2_1024Shade has now been in our spare room since yesterday morning with frequent time spent with her by one or both of us. Barb slept in there last night, and at first Shade was very confused. It was not long before…

Shade leaped up into the bed in a frantic state. Not only for attention but wanting more interaction than even before. It is obvious that she once slept regularly with someone else, another human and most likely a young one. Sometimes she seemed to think that place was not only for attention but for play. Not that she is yet strong enough for play.

Another sign that she was once an indoor [only] cat was that she uses the litterbox exclusively for all such needs. Now that she is starting to feel safe, she even seems distressed when it needs to be cleaned.

There is no longer any doubt that she is beyond five years old and is an “orphan” [abandoned or lost] vs. being a “stray,” let alone a “feral.” This morning after 7am, we will call a local clinic selected as a long term establishment with multiple animal physicians on staff. We are set to go the instant they can get Shade an appointment. A long shot for today, but we are hopeful. And just as important…

Thank you to all of you who donated; there are enough funds in the “SAVE SHADE” account now to cover a large portion of her initial examination and tests. We are so very grateful for everyone’s assistance. Every penny will go to Shade’s welfare and for nothing else. [We will not disclose donators without their permission to protect their privacy.]

About Our Donation Point: For those curious or confused after donating, we are processing all donations through the PayPal account of NDAS: N.D. Author Services, our little side operation. We generally keep it separated from ourselves and personal lives, and certainly from either’s finances. At the time we started all of this, it was faster (easier) to initialize amid greater concerns than starting a new account. We probably should have done otherwise, but for now it stands as is.

More to come following Shade’s initial examination. Perhaps we will try to get some new pictures up once we have time and she is feeling better.