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Noble Dead Raffle #1 — And the Winner is…

S3B2_gold_ribbonJoseph Drane wins the first signed hardbound first edition of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark.

Joseph’s prize is slightly delayed, as post offices in the area shut down early today and will be closed New Year’s day as well. But his prize will be on its way as of January 2nd. This concludes the first of the current series of six raffles for signed volumes from the Noble Dead Saga.


S2Noble Dead Raffle #2 will begin next Friday, but don’t jump the gun just yet. No early entries will be accepted, so wait until the raffle officially opens. Watch for the announcement coming next Friday. And as to the prize for that raffle…

Prize #2 is a complete set of signed first edition paperbacks for the entire Series 2 of the Noble Dead Saga: S2B1: In Shadow and Shadow; S2B2: Through Stone and Sea; S2B3: Of Truth and Beasts. But wait, there’s more!

VM_promoAlong with Noble Dead Raffle #2, we will run a parallel raffle at The prize is the complete signed mass market, first editions for the five volume “Vampire Memories” series by Barb: VM1: Blood Memories; VM2: Hunting Memories; VM3: Memories of Envy; VM4: In Memories We Fear; VM5: Ghosts of Memories.

NOTE: Entries for the “V.M.” raffle will be submitted through Don’t worry, when it comes time, we will point you in the right destination for each raffle.

That’s enough of a teaser for now. Thank you to everyone who joined in on the fun so far. Still more to come, so stay tuned to your preferred news source coming out of and/or

UPDATE: Availability of the latest Noble Dead Saga books

S3B2_usaFrom Barb: Okay, I just checked the B&N stores within a hundred miles of our house, and all of them are showing that they have copies of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark. I just wanted to make sure because this is an unusual release date for us.

S3B1_usaSo far, the only glitch I'm seeing for this release date is that the mass market paperback for S3B1: Between Their Worlds is being listed on Amazon and B&N as a completely separate book (it's not linked on the hard cover/Kindle page at either site), and the e-editions are still listed at $12.99 when they should have dropped to $7.99. Our publisher is closed for the holidays, but if this problems has not corrected itself, I'll contact our editor on Wednesday and see if she can help.

From J.C.: Certain standard vendors we link for each book on our “Books” page have delayed updating their listing for S3B2: The Dog in the Dark. Very frustrating for us, as well as some of our readers of ebook editions. This has been reported to our publisher, and I am monitoring those vendors several times per day. As soon as proper listings are available, I will update them immediately on our site.

Noble DEAD Raffle #1—UPDATE

The winner of the first raffle has been determined and notified, but we have yet to set up processing on the prize. Please stayed tuned for the official announcement later today, along with details for when the next raffle will begin. There will be a little something extra as well for what is coming.

Noble Dead Raffle #1—Missing Confirmation?

S3B2_red_ribbon_thumb24One thing we noticed this time around was that a handful of entry confirmations bounced back as “undeliverable.” If you did not receive a confirmation on your raffle entry after 72 hours, you might be one of those. If so, check that the email address you used is still active, or perhaps try a different one.

NOTE: Before the final drawing for the prize, all entries are checked for duplicates based on email address, name, and shipping address. Duplicate entries will be deleted. Please do not send a second entry unless you failed to receive confirmation on the first one.

Please see the “original post” and follow the instructions as needed. This raffle is only open to participants in the USA.

Noble Dead Raffle #1 — REMINDER

S3B2_red_ribbon_thumb2Just a heads up. The first raffle for a signed hardbound first edition of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark… ends this coming Friday at Midnight, PST. So if you have not entered yet…

Please see the “original post” and follow the instructions so your entry is confirmed in your first submission.

This raffle is only open to participants in the USA.

Noble Dead Raffle #1 — NOW OPEN!

S3B2_red_ribbonHere we are again for the first in another six raffles for books from the Noble Dead Saga shipped straight to your door. For our first raffle, as is appropriate, the prize is a signed hardbound first edition of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark

Please follow the instructions below so your entry is confirmed on the first submission.

This raffle is open to only readers in the USA.

Telling Tales…

BE1Now and again, we notice a stream of new readers have tuned into our social satellite pages or directly to news releases through So just HW1a few catch up notices for those who might have missed them.

Barb and J.C. are engaged in more than writing the Noble Dead Saga. So whether you are catching up with the books so far, or awaiting S3B2: The Dog in the Dark, stop by the main site and have a peek at Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga.

BE2The “Tales” project of short ebook only works currently contains two on-going  sequences: “Homeward” and “Bones of the Earth.” Short stories and HW5novellas in the former are not sequential, per se; you can read them in any order. Those in the latter are sequential (so far), but we know of readers who started with either one first and did just fine. And yes, there will be new sequences debuting sometime in 2013 along with the continuation of “Bones of the Earth.”

We will not be releasing new “Tales” until something in February 2013 outside the release window of the S3B2: The Dog in the Dark and after we have a little break from finishing the draft version of next year’s volume. But there are more “Tales” to come, oh yes.

MW1_usaAnd of course, there is Barb’s coming new series, The Mist-Torn Witches, which debuts May 2013. It is set in the world of (but not linked to) the Noble Dead Saga.

And lastly… we know a lot of you expected the next news from would be about the new “Noble Dead Raffles.” Hang in there. That notice is coming late tomorrow, guaranteed!

Now, has everyone finished their list of holiday preparations? Cough, cough, ahem… we are probably in no position to talk! And we’ll be back tomorrow.

COMING SOON: Another “Noble Dead” Raffle!


NOTICE: No early entries will be accepted at this time. Please wait for the coming official announcement of the first raffle’s opening via the newsfeeds.

S3B1_usaVery soon, we will begin another series of six bi-weekly raffles for varied hardback volumes and paperback sets, all signed by us and delivered to your door. Right now, we are buried in completing the manuscript for next year’s volume in the Noble Dead Saga, but since a new volume is about to hit the shelves…

Of course, the first raffle’s prize will be a signed, hardback, first edition of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark.

Following raffles will be a mix as yet to be announced. In that mix will be a few other copies of this new book.

That is all for now, but we will be back with you soon. The official opening for the new series of raffles is not far off.


S3B2_usaBarb here. This is always such a strange time of year for me and JC.  With the way our publisher works, we need to turn in the draft for "next year's book" in the same month "this year's book" is released.  When Dhampir was first released in January of 2003, we knew nothing about the publishing industry, and we had no idea that we'd gotten fairly lucky with our release month — in early January.  Tons of folks have Amazon and B&N gift certificates, freshly received from the holidays. 

So… since then, every January, JC and I have "the next book" due on our editor's desk.  Right now, we are eagerly awaiting the release of The Dog in the Dark, and at the same time, we are trying to get ready for the holidays (buying gifts, writing cards, decorating the house, and planning a holiday party), while we are finishing up the first draft of a fat Noble Dead novel that is due right after Christmas.  I tend to write in the mornings, but sometimes at this time of year, I go all day and then play catch-up on other things in the early evening.

And… I drink too much coffee (smiles).