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REVIEW: The Dead Seekers (Book 1)

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The following review was recently published for the pending release (January 2017) of The Dead Seekers by Barb and J.C. Hendee, authors of The Noble Dead Saga/Series:


Barb Hendee, J.C. Hendee

The gorgeous cover of this book provides a glimpse into the engrossing and riveting dark world the Hendees have created in the first novel in the Dead Seekers series. Tris and Mari are loners whose lives intertwine, and born out of vengeance, an unusual partnership is created. Mari is the protector as they traverse a landscape rich in detail, filled with horror and darkness, but enlightened by goodness. Tris and Mari are both characters damaged by their pasts, and the tension mounts as they test their motives and loyalties to each other. The action starts early and suspense is maintained throughout as high peril and danger propel the storyline to the thrilling conclusion, where the door is left open for future adventures.

Mari Kaleja was only 10 years old when she saw her family slaughtered in the Wicker Woods. She’s vowed to hunt down the one responsible for their deaths: The Dead’s Man. Tris Vishal was born dead to a baron and his wife. He came back from the dead and now has powers to seek out and destroy restless spirits. He also has a dark half, trapped between portals, lying in wait to take over Tris’ life. Mari is Mondyalitko, a shifter, who has tracked her prey and is ready to seek vengeance — until she finds herself rescuing Tris and questioning his guilt in her family’s death. She agrees to accompany Tris as his translator as he travels to a village to lay a dead girl’s spirit to rest. Mari must learn more about Tris before she kills him. After vanquishing the young girl’s ghost and learning of the circumstances surrounding her death, Tris and Mari head to the barracks in Soladran, where soldiers are dying. It is here they are enveloped in a battle in which they are outnumbered. Mari must question everything she thought she knew to defend the Dead Seeker as the spirits come for him and his dark half gains power. (ACE, Jan., 336 pp., $27.00)

Reviewed by:
Sandra Martin
RT Book Reviews (Romantic Times)