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Shade_2_1024We returned from the veterinarian visit in better spirits; and we believe we have found Ashes and Cinders new doctor as well. And as for “Shade”…

She is about 3 years old or maybe a little less by the doctor’s estimate. This is much younger than thought, which speaks to the poor condition she is (was) in when found. She has been spayed and tested negative for all critical issues (Feline Leukemia, Feline AIDS, etc.).

After our Frontline application 36 hours past (at least), all fleas and other external pests are dead. She did have an allergic reaction to such, so a broad-spectrum antibiotic was given to her by injection, as well as her first general immunization. The doctor also applied a topical worm medication, just in case, and we are waiting for results on the fecal test, just in case. A follow-up must be done (by us or whomever) in about four weeks for a health progress and a booster shot.

She does have microchip (surprise). No one ever registered it with actual data (double surprise). No previous owner needs to be contacted (and even if, doesn’t deserve it or her).

Shade is still fragile but doing much better, even for a traumatic visit to the doctor. She will be a special needs kitty on some levels, for she has had a traumatic year at a guess that will affect her for life. Back in our guest room, she was actually more active and, for the first, wanted to “play” rather than cling and cuddle. A very good sign! She will not be ready for a new home quite yet, but very soon, so we will continue to keep you informed on a semi-daily basis.

And on this note, the donations given covered nearly everything so far, and we gladly took care of the residual. We will also handle any further medical costs to come that are needed while she stays with us. (The doctor even struck some costs off the bill without being asked when she learned what had done.… oh yes, we want “her” for Cinders and Ashes!) The donation page at has been taken down, and we grateful to all of you who could afford to help out. You saved us in a way in our obsession to save Shade. Now about two questions submitted…

Q: Did you name her after that character in the latter books of the Noble Dead Saga?

A: No. When we first encountered her, she ran. Later, after she realized we would help her, there were (multiply) times that J.C. stepped out back to see if she had returned. We could not let her inside until…

  1. we knew her mentality, classified her as an “orphan” rather than a “stray” or “feral,”
  2. thereby knew the better details of how she needed to be handled,
  3. treated her for external parasites to protect ourselves and our own cats, and
  4. were certain she could be led-in rather than just captured.

Those were hot days, and it was hard to spot her at first. But when J.C. did by her eyes, she was no more than a darker shadow always under tree or shrub or behind a bush… in the “shade.”

Q: When she’s re-home, should that name be kept?

A: No. Whomever is honored by her presence can name her, for even by then she won’t have picked up on that nickname much at all.