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Q&A: About Releases for “Tales”

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MB2_192All authors with an online presence receive questions from readers about themselves and their works. We are no different in this.

Since the inception of T·N·D·S: Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga, and its first release, we as well began receiving queries specific to this project… and not always about individual tales.

We thought we would share some of those submitted questions and, of course, the answers we gave.

Book News: Future of the Saga and More [from Barb]

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S3B3_usa_192Hi Gang. Although we’ve been a bit quiet these past weeks, there has been a good deal going on. Time to share a few things.

First (and most exciting)… J.C. and I have signed a contract for three more books: the final two books in the Noble Dead Saga and the first book of a new yet-to-be-named series.

Yes, you read that right. After The Wind in the Night is released this coming January, we will complete the saga in two more books: First and Last Sorcerer and The Night Voice [working titles]. We promise both will be heart-stopping and reveal long-awaited secrets. At present, we cannot talk about the upcoming new series, but stay tuned for more news down the road. We are very excited about the schedule and the upcoming books.

MW2_usa_192Second… I received some welcome news from my editor: The Mist-Torn Witches has gone into a second printing! I was doing a happy dance around the house. Witches in Red comes out next May, and I will soon have more news to share about the future of that series.

Finally, I wanted to say how glad I was that JC put The Forgotten Mistress up for sale this week and with such a lovely cover. The Forgotten Lord received more fan mail than any other Tale I have written, but everyone was unhappy with the ending. Hah! Fear not. The ending of this new Tale is quite different. That’s the scoop!


Linkage to Tales and the Latest Release…


Please pardon this repeat announcement, as we are conducting a test. We know the count of “tales” has grown to the point that it is hard to present all (or the most recent one) in a convenient way for our visitors. Drill-down to find the one you are after can be tedious.

Solutions are being sought. For now we will see how links to multiple vendors pass through our social network. Likely this will not work, but we want to find something that does not cause us to burn extra time in manually posting to all social accounts. Bear with us a little longer until we can figure out the best solution.

NOW AVAILABLE: THE FORGOTTEN MISTRESS (“Tales of Misbelief”) Collection

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MB2_192Details and purchase points are now available for this new release in T·N·D·S: Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga.

sequel to The Forgotten Lord
Barb Hendee

$2.99 USD
Short story, 19k words

For more information please visit the “Tales” section at While you are there have a look at previous “Tales” in the “Misblief” and other collections. Though set in the world of the Noble Dead Saga, all “tales” and their collections do not require knowledge of any books or series written by Barb and/or J.C. Hendee. You can easily pick up and read one as your first venture into this world. And one more detail….

Other Recent Released in T·N·D·S

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Social Update: Hello Tumblr, Bye-Bye Squidoo

64_tumblrMinor changes are being made in how we make our news available for the convenience of others. For those who like, you can now follow, Barb, and J.C. over there.

48_squidooSquidoo was a no hassle experiment we set up a while back. As a social system, it has become more of an environment where the owners want their users doing the work of building “expert” and “information” pages for free. Obviously, we do not fit into that world. Our news delivery through Squidoo has been terminated permanently.

HW6_Tales_Logo_128Other changes to our social networking may come in the near future, but right now it is time to get back to drafting the next novel. Oh, and there is another “Tale” coming, so watch for further news coming this week.

This is a Test…

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S3B3_usa_150We are sorry to bother you, so just ignore this post. We are testing out a new way to deliver news to some of our social network accounts.

Some real news should be coming within the week (fingers crossed) now that the proof notes for S3B3 A Wind in the Night have be returned to our publisher. 

—Barb & J.C.