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Shade_2_1024We have decide to open up to inquires from new caretakers (owners) for “Shade” (a nickname that you can change). If you or someone you know might be interested in giving her a loving, happy home for life, then contact us via (see “Contact” in the main site menu).

We are in the Portland, Oregon, USA metropolitan area, so that is a limiting factor. We are willing to drive her to anywhere within reach of half a day’s travel by car. Here is what we would see as some basic conditions for rehoming her.

  1. No more than one cat per person or one per bedroom/den/office room in the home; usually the lower count of the two but never above the higher count. This is a wise standard regardless of species, and one that we follow. Over his lifetime, J.C. has lived with some 12 other species; he has seen the effects of doing otherwise—none of which good for the humans or non-humans.

  2. No dogs. Shade is frightened of even other cats, likely because of abandonment and competing so young and so long for survival. Adapting her to other cats is possible if done wisely with patience. See this article for how to do so; there’s more that can done, but this outlines the necessities of good foundation.

  3. No long distance “shipping” will be considered. We will not trust Shade’s welfare to US cargo transport systems; she must be under direct human caretaking at all times during transport.

  4. A commitment to see to her coming booster shot if she is rehomed before the 30 day window for that. We will assist transferring her medical records so far to whatever veterinarian you designate. And since she has a blank chip in her, you should register her for her protection. It is a simple process.

And we will leave it at that for now. Please help us out by sharing this notice, which we may repeat over time. Thanks for your attention.

—J.C. Hendee