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JC’s Haunt…

I prefer not to use the ND site for personal topics, since most don’t appeal to readers specifically, but now and then there’s an exception. I’ve been following activity on one of several Noble Dead fan pages on Facebook, aside from our own official page. A few people have looked about for art done by fans for the characters of the Noble Dead saga. Back in the early days, when we ran a small forum on our first ND web site, this type of artwork popped up now and then.

While browsing the group mentioned above, I looked up from where I sit at the dining room table (where I often write). I re-noticed one of our oldest artworks on the wall that isn’t a print from one of our books… or a general artwork we just like. It still mesmerizes me for how I…

Wait, I’m getting too far ahead. Let’s go back to the beginning…

Q&A: Writing [Character]; Media Tie-ins [Games]

qa_1For our first entry in this ongoing series, we chose both an old question from interviews [adapted] and a new one from those recently submitted by readers. We’ll try to keep things mixed up that way as often as we can. This will likely lead to further expansion and reorganization of the site’s FAQs when we have time. The title of each Q&A article will reflect the topic(s) addressed and possibly where they will be filed under old and new headings in the FAQs.

FaceBook Success

Well it looks like we finallly got it to work. You can follow news from about the Noble Dead Saga (and future related books) via our official FaceBook page. Soon we'll have a link to it in the sidebar of this site.

For now, to subscribe via FaceBook, go to the official page at and look to the bottom of the left sidebar. There you will find both the SMS and RSS subcribers links... or you can just click those linked words herein to give it a try.


We've been struggling to get a Facebook "page" set for where news summaries will show up so people can use that system as their preference for following what's happening the Noble Dead Saga and us. We are getting closer with a small break through this morning. So this post is merely a quick test, and if it works, some of the past posts should show up on the NDO page on Facebook. You can find it at to give it a try for yourself. More later.

Q&A: In the Beginning…

We’ve been asked many questions concerning the Noble Dead saga, authorship, and fiction writing. Some have been answered in past published interviews, but most of those are out of print. Many readers have also submitted questions through our old site, and we answered through email, one by one. Time for a change…

Book Signing: Powell’s Authorfest

Barb and J.C. will attend “Authorfest” at the Beaverton Powell’s bookstore.  This is a fun event where many local SF/Fantasy authors will be in attendance and signing their books.  Since it is a bookstore (and one of our favorite local chains), of course books are on sale during the event. The store staff makes a great effort to be certain all current books by attending authors are available. Please join us if you can!

Date: Sunday 11/13/2011
Time: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
Powell’s Books at Cedar Hills Crossing
3415 SW Cedar Hills Blvd.
Beaverton, OR 97005

S3B1: Between Their Worlds

For those coming to the new site for the first time, excerpts for the coming release of Series 3, Book 1, Between Their Worlds are now available on the Books page. You can also select “Books” from the site's main menu. Once you are on that page, select the book's title in the special submenu that will appear on the site's right side. When the information for S3B1 is loaded, hit the “Excerpts” button displayed therein. The excerpts will appear in an overlay of the site, and you can use either the chapter / scene links or the reading panel's scrollbar to browse through the text.

S3B1: Between Their Worlds is on schedule for release in the first week of January 2012. Pre-orders are available now at all online venues.

S3B2: The Dog in the Dark

S3B2 has been added to the release schedule in the Books page as “pending”. This entry in the Noble Dead Saga is now in process, as we have completed the planning phase and are working on the draft.

Twitter Connected

We've finished connecting a twitter account to This is just a quick post to see if it is actually going to work.

Still Under Development

A few people have already contacted us concerning glitches in the site, such as the FAQs not working and entries vanishing instead of being revealed when clicked. Be assured that we will deal with all of this, but also remember that until you see the "we are live" post, this site is still under development. Please be patient, give us a little more time, and in the meantime, features that are missing or not yet functional here are still available at www.NobleDead.COM until the end of this month.