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Update? What Update?

S3B2_usaWell, let us be honest: we do not really have anything new to share, but…

It has been over a week since we lifted our bleary eyes from the keyboards… or took a break from chasing Cinders and Ashes out of the artificial holiday tree we put up but have not yet decorated.

We were waiting on the ornaments until we taught the “sisters” not to climb indoor trees since we do not let them climb the outdoor type. And they are getting big(!) at just past seven months. We took an hour last night to bend all of the artificial tree’s branches back into place. That should also tell you how successful we have been in cat training after trying every trick in the book. Oh, and that includes the old lemon trick and cat’s hating the scent of it sprayed on anything. J.C. repeatedly misted the whole tree in a 50/50 mix of lemon juice and filtered water… and the sisters did not even flinch as they hit that tree in a run and a leap the first time… the second time… the third time… sigh…

BE2The only real thing going on around our office is grinding away on the draft for S2B3: The Wind in the Night [working title] while we wait for S3B2: The Dog in the Dark to hit the real and virtual shelves. The winter holiday season is upon us, so only another 5+ weeks to go… before both the new release and that new manuscript has to be in our editor’s hands.

With all of that and then some, there has been no time for other projects like more “Tales,” finishing changes on the websites, the Noble Dead “Codex” project, or even a quick boardgame or something. We MW1_usashould also remind all of you that, as planned, there will no new releases in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga around the release of a new book in the Noble Dead Saga. So no new Tales until after January, but yes, there are more to come. Also, down the road, we may need to do the same thing when Barb’s new Mist-Torn Witches series debuts. And before anyone asks, changes to the websites will be finished once J.C. has time to breath… and the free ebook Codex of the Noble Dead World is still on his to-do list.

We will leave off here and hope all of you have had a good start to the holiday season. Please do not get trampled in the stores! We will back to you again when we have some actual news to share… or when we realize it has been too long yet again.