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S3B3 [Untitled]—Back to the Grind

writers_blockProofs for S3B2: The Dog in the Dark are back out the door as of late last week.

For now, all work on the “Tales” project is still on hold, as we have to speed up a bit on the work needed for S3B3 [Untitled], due out January 2014.

This is one of our busiest times every year. Then again, it usually is for everyone in different ways. The draft version of S3B3 must be submitted by the end of the year to stay on schedule; yes, it does take this long from the first notion in our heads to a completed book on the shelves. We’ve never missed a deadline in the last decade, and we won’t this time either, but it requires we put other things on pause momentarily.

As to no title yet on this future volume of the saga… well, we’re still tossing some notions back and forth. This one may be tough to label, but we’ll come up with something. That’s all for now, and its back to the grind.