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FOLLOW-UP: The Keepers is DRM Free!


One little thing we forgot to mention in the recent press release…

Homeward, IV: The Keepers
by Barb Hendee
is a DRM-Less release.

That’s right, no encryption or lockdown; you are legally free to place this title on any device you (and only you) personally own.

This is our first experiment in DRM-Less publishing, so we’ll see how it goes before we look at what to do with our future (or past) privately published works.

For those using a Kindle, this may not mean much for you, since your copy is in the proprietary AZW/TOPAZ format. You can at least back up this file locally if you wish by plugging your Kindle device into your computer via USB and copying it to a suitable location on your computer.

For those reading the EPUB edition (KoboBooks or B&N), you have greater options to view your copy on most all Apple, Android, Windows, Linux, etc. devices with any reader app or application that can open and display the EPUB format. So enjoy reading this latest entry in Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga in whatever way suits you best.