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The Challenge of Promoting, Part 2

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62609322-78Another cross-over article of interest from our sister site at N.D. Author Services…

Again we focus on efficiency to gain effectiveness where promotion is concerned. Grab your favorite beverage and settle in. There are steps to take in proper order, but before we get to the real first one…

Virtual Identity Crisis—Get Over It!

A domain name is not the first step but rather nearly the last. You do not need one to establish an effective (efficient) presence on the web. Too many new, would-be, and even established authors fixate on this like an identity crisis, feeling they do not truly exist on the web until they have a domain name. They then advise others to do the same to justify their own frantic fear.

Be (penny-)wiser than them. While you will want a site linked (later) to a chosen domain name, the truth is that 99.9% of all site hosting systems qualify for this. And with most you will get something akin to a domain name for nothing when you first setup your account. So stop fixating on the backend of an efficient process.

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