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General Update: Coming Soon… or Later

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Homeward, PaperbackA lot has happened of late around the home and home office. With the next manuscript for the Noble Dead Saga out the door, we thought we would immediately get back to more in T·N·D·S: Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga.

Well, we did, sort of but not… and not as planned. Yes, more are coming, but other things popped up along the way. Good stuff for us, and maybe one good thing for some of you.

Our daughter Jaclyn and her husband Paul had a baby. We are now the ecstatic “grandparents” of little Harper, and she is adorable! That is all we will say to maintain some privacy, but you can imagine this takes precedence over everything. We have altered a lot of short term plans but not the long term ones. Now, as to that book cover you see…

Homeward by Barb is (will be) our first experiment in a print collection of selected “tales” from the same named collection in T·N·D·S. It is in process and will become available in the near future. This has been a learning experience like nothing we have done before. We will use Create Space for the physical product, so it will thereby be made available through Amazon when ready.

NOTE: Before anyone asks, we are not going “indie.” We like our publisher and editor(s), a rather novel notion in the self-publishing craze these days. They have done well by us over 13 years and are truly professional in the best sense of the term.

There will be no change in the publishing, production, and distribution of our professional works, such as books in the Noble Dead Saga and the Mist-Torn Witches series.

J.C. is busy handling layout and other aspects of necessary content for this coming print collection, so his schedule is doubly packed. This includes artwork (plus postwork by J.C.) from Suzi “Kachinadoll” Amberson. Estimated availability of the book is around 30+ days. As soon as we know more, so will you.

MW2_usa_128Barb also has much to do in starting the next contracted Mist-Torn Witches novel, even with MW2: Witches in Red coming your way this May 2014. Yes, all of the books we write start up to 18 months before you see them on the shelves, physical or online.

For those interested in more “Tales” direct to ebook format, please be patient. If you have not done so before, take a look at previous “Tales” over at our site. Once this first print-on-demand experiment is finished, and once we have had time with our new family member, we will get back to more stuff out of!