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“Tales” Update… What’s Coming


It has been a while (again) since the last update about “Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga.” Both Barb and J.C. are working on new entries in this privately published project. Other work took precedence, such as J.C. updating our sites and social networking and etc., while Barb was working on the next volume in The Mist-Torn Witches series [working title: Witches in Red]. So finally, here is what is coming…

Captives by Barb will be a new entry in the “Homeward” collection. It is somewhat a sequel to both The Keepers and The Reluctant Guardian, but it is so self-contained that it can be a first read unto itself. Barb is making her final pass following J.C.’s revision notes, and then J.C. will begin compiling and formatting it. It will be released through our selected vendors well before the end of this month.

This new release will contain project-level changes we have mentioned before. We found that numbering works in “collections” (previously “sequences”) confused readers. Too many thought all tales in a collection needed to be read in order when very few are/were actually sequential. For the future, when a “tale” is (potentially) a sequel to a previous work, this will be mentioned on the work’s cover.

New covers will show only a “collection” title at the top (without number) plus design motif changes for all works in a particular collection. A “Foreword” will be added to each work providing a simple explanation of “tales” and “collections.” Once Captives is released, some retrofitting of previously released works will begin. No story content will be changed! The updated format for any “tale” you have already purchased will appear automatically in your ereader.

J.C.’s new novella, Puppy Love, as the opening of the new “Sagecraft” collection, will come sometime in May. [His third entry in “Bones of the Earth”, the Karras and Hammer-Stag stories, is yet to come.]

After all of this, we may get buried in further work on the 2014 release in The Noble Dead Saga—S3B3: A Wind in the Night. But more tales, as always, will be coming in the future.