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Q&A: “Tales” in Print?

qa_1We knew this issue would come up sooner or later, and it has come up multiple times through social systems and through the “Contact” page at

So it is time for an official response, so to speak, though the answer might not please some. We will try to explain…

Q: Will any of “Tales” be produced in print as well as ebooks?

All of the “Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga” are published privately and directly by J.C. and Barb. They are not produced through any contract with our professional publisher, Roc, which handles all of our novel length work at present. To put “Tales” into print form would cost too much money; the price point on each unit would be too horribly high to cover only the cost per unit if we did used a private Print-on-Demand publishing service. And at this time, using a professional publisher to handle these short works one by one is out of the question for the same financial reasons.

There is also the issue of time involved. We try to fit in one “Tale” per month outside of the two month release window of a professionally published Noble Dead novel and other duties to maintain our careers. To do layout for print versions ourselves (regardless that, yes, J.C. can do this, too) would take even more time per “Tale” than producing the ebook versions.  We need that time to work on the novels… and more “Tales.”

Before anyone asks, yes, we have thought about compilations of “Tales” for the future, either in lump sums or by one particular “sequence.” But even this might not be cost effective for print vs. ebook format. We are not ready to tackle such at this time, so we will have to wait and see.

If you have questions you would like to ask, please do so. Drop by and use the secured Contact page. Not all questions will make it into a Q&A, but we provide direct answers whenever we can.