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Help needed for the Noble Dead Codex

…or how you can help rebuild the old Glossary.

codex_projectSince moving to (on the Google Blogger system), one offering that has been missed from the old site is the Glossary. Not a dictionary, per se, but a listing and brief explanation of people, places, terms, and things found in the Noble Dead Saga’s volumes. In other words, sort of a codex for where to find that first (or other) reference and a general note explaining the specified term.

If you’ve read through the second series, you have a notion of what a codex is. Perhaps even some entries from “Tales from the World of the Noble Dead Saga” and Barb’s coming “Mist Torn Witches” series (also set in the Noble Dead world) might be added to this accessory text as well. But there is a big problem with restarting the Glossary.

The old was on a commercial web host with server-side script and data support, a realm J.C. knew well from his IT consultancy days almost a decade ago. These services are not natively available on the Blogger system. J.C. has tried variations for integrating external internet data services into While he succeeded in some experiments, nothing lived up to his expectations. Then, while preparing to compile and publish the next ebook “tale” to be released, he smacked himself over the obvious option.

Publish the glossary as a free e-publication, so that anyone who wants it could have it all to themselves through an e-reader or ebook application of choice.

Yeah, he should have thought of this earlier. But there is still the problem of what goes into that volume.

Barb and J.C. do not have all of this information precompiled in their intranet data systems used for writing works in the Noble Dead world. With multiple fiction projects in a year on top of new ones, it would overload their schedule to go through all of those published works, line by line. Even so, some minor people, places, and terms might slip by unnoticed. They need your help and involvement.

“How” is the first big problem, for it can’t really be done through standard social systems. Barb and J.C. would burn too much time in running around to all of those. Readers and fans would prefer they focus on the saga and other works of the Noble Dead world. So whatever system is created for you to help will require:

  1. A central access point on the web where fans and readers in general can participate whenever they want.
  2. Volunteers to help manage that system for all other visitors and those involved.

This means brainstorming from you to help figure this out.

The Guild Annex

This needs to be a location on the web where readers who’ve acquired (or not) the latest edition of the codex could report errors, missing entries, or make suggestions for the next edition. Such a web system might also later evolve into something more, but…

As a starting point, J.C. will look into producing a first edition of the codex based on what was in the old online Glossary (and maybe a bit more). New editions of the codex would be released over time, always for free, as the annex and visiting readers come up with enough changes and additions. Likely new editions would be released four times per year, maximum, as needed.

J.C. knows of basic free forum systems that could integrate directly into But maybe there are other options or web systems you can suggest with specifics about where to find them and their strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind that the annex (in whatever form) needs to be efficient and convenient for Barb and J.C. Having an integrated access point through would be best, businesswise, but feel free to suggest other options (but not personally preferred social systems).

Sages in Residence

Help will also be needed—after a location (system) for the annex is established. This means a few volunteer “master sages” (probably no more than three) to administrate whatever form the annex might take. There will be one restriction on seeking such a position: any would-be master sage must own and have read some form of all of the saga’s volumes.

Printed versions would be best for referencing page numbers but this is not required. Instructions will be given on how to reference a term’s first appearance in an ebook edition. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves; until the “annex” is created, applications for a position will not be accepted or considered at this time.

And the Gathering of Sages

In order to efficiently track suggestions and (hopefully) discussions about the Codex Project, we prefer to limit how widely such are spread. Please keep comments to the Facebook and Google+ pages for the Noble Dead Saga. For all who are not on those social systems, we have also opened up comments on this article directly at

We’re waiting to hear from you! Spread the word, as well, for the more the merrier.