Official site for the high/dark fantasy books of authors Barb Hendee and J. C. Hendee, including the Noble Dead Saga (a.k.a. The Noble Dead series), the Mist-Torn Witches series, the Vampire Memories series, and TNDS: Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga.

NEWS FLASH: The “Tales” Project Begins

We’ve been holding off on this (for the most part) until it was at least 90% ready. Barb and J.C. have engaged upon a private project for both new and current readers called…

“Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga”

These are shorter works (short stories to novellas) independent of the saga. They will center upon third and fourth tier characters, places, and events encountered throughout the saga’s volumes. Some will be authored independently by Barb or J.C. while others will be collaborations, like the saga. "Tales" on the whole are built in what we call “sequences” based on theme rather than plot (in most cases). Some works in a sequence may chain together, plot-wise, while others will not, BUT….

No knowledge of the Noble Dead Saga or its books is necessary to enjoy any "Tale." Readers who’ve never read any of our work can dive right in.

For those who have read part or all of the saga to date, you may learn more about the world, cultures, times and places, and revelations concerning favorite minor characters left behind. In other words, these are little treats straight from us to tide you over in a year's wait until the next volume in the Noble Dead Saga is released from our publisher, Roc (Penguin/Putnam).

We will release four to six “Tales” per year outside of the two-plus month window of a new volume in the Noble Dead Saga.

All “Tales” will be in ebook form only, starting with AZW/Kindle through Amazon and EPUB through Barnes & Noble. 

A new page at will soon open for this new direct series of works, so the readers can track present and future releases. Please help out if you wish by spreading the word, including sharing this press release as a whole. And so, for our first “Tale” in the “Homeward” sequence…

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HW1Homeward, I:
The Game Piece
Barb Hendee

English only; ~14k Words.
$2.00 USD; Available through non-USA Amazon stores at equivalent regional currency prices.

In his youth, Loni never felt that he fit in anywhere, even among his family or his people, the Lhoin’na, or the elves of the central continent. As he dwells on tales told to him by a doting grandmother, he begins to believe he might have been born in the wrong time.

One scant tale of a past age hints that the legendary Sorhkafâré led some of Loni’s people to the east at the end of the great mythical war. Loni dreams of those forgotten Departed ones, wondering if their descendants still exist. The answer may be more and less than he hoped in his quest to find where he belongs.