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Wistful Writer’s Kitty


When I was mainly posting over at the Barb Hendee website, every few weeks, I’d put up a photo of Ashes or Cinders—the new “writers’ cats.”

JC and I had two cats for nearly twenty years, and a little over two years ago, they both passed away within months of each other. It was difficult, and we spent over a year with no kitties and no intention of adopting new kitties. But two small kittens who desperately needed a home came into our lives about a year ago. They are cats now, but still filled with the energy of kittens. We adore them.

However, they are soooooo different from our first pair. Our darling Cinders is happiest when she’s outside, but JC and I won’t allow them to play outside if they are unsupervised. We do take them out two or three times a day, but we watch them and play with them. This morning, we are busy, and here is Cinders gazing longingly out the window, wishing she was outside.