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Raffle Time Again!!!

raffle_S3B1 Welcome back readers to another chance to have one of our books shipped straight to your door from our publisher. Over the coming months, we will continue a more intermittent series of raffles for some special books. This time out we are raffling a first edition, hardback copy of S3B1: Between Their Worlds but with a little twist...


After this announcement via (echoed to subscribers and venues linked to our site’s RSS newsfeed), anyone in the USA can enter by submitting the following information through the site’s Contact page:

Name: [First and Last in full]
Email: [where winners will be notified]
Subject: Noble Dead Raffle
Message:  Street Address, City, State, Zip Code

NOTE: Barb and J.C. have full control of all participant information; you will not be added to any form of mailing list. Improper or incomplete entries will be ignored. All entries will receive a confirmation notice within 72 hours.

The deadline for receipt of entries is Friday, March 2nd, 2012, Midnight, PST. The following Monday, one random winner will be notified via email and announced (by name only) through the site and its newsfeed. The publisher will be notified as well, the winner should receive his or her signed book within 10 business days.

So what are you waiting for? Get that entry in now!

Q&A: Real People, Fake World [Character / World-Building]

It isn’t often we get personal queries, and we’re rather private, so few such questions get answered. But some personal questions are aimed at our work life, so we try to answer those. Just like everyone, we want to do at least a little something in our work life that has some personal meaning. So to get personal, or just “person” oriented...

SOPA is not dead, just mutated!

A battle was won, or more likely ended in a stand-off, but the war is not over. US Corporations are seeking to use international trade agreements to get around the stall and failure of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act that would give law enforcement the right to ban access to any IP address it considers criminal or even suspect. SHARE THIS NOW AND LET IT GO VIRAL... or one day you may never see anyone able to share warning of something as vile as this as widely as we do now. Go directly to the Fight for the Future website.

Q&A: Heroines, Dark and (not so) Light

qa_1 These days, tales of the undead (mostly vampires) are all the rage and have been for a decade plus. Much as we do use the undead (not just vampires) as prominent fixtures and even main characters, that isn’t what we really write. We’ve always considered ourselves “fantasy” writers first where the Noble Dead Saga is concerned.

Regardless, we couldn’t escape that alternative classification of our work. When S1B1: Dhampir first came out, it wasn’t even placed in the Fantasy section of book stores. If a Dark/Urban Fantasy category existed in a particular store, that’s where Dhampir ended up. Fortunately it didn’t matter, as fantasy readers found it just the same. But regardless, we always get questions related to being “vampire” writers, and so...