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Noble Dead Raffle: First and Last Sorcerer

S3B4_usa_512Time for another raffle out of, this time for a signed, first-edition, hardbound copy of First and Last Sorcerer. There is a small change, but it is one we think you will find appealing and convenient. Please read the raffle rules below and the follow the link at the end… Upgrade 90% Complete

256The site template and textual content have been reworked for balance to serve desktops, notebooks, and portable devices. Noble­Dead­.org is once again ready for use, though there is still more work to do.

Next to implement is the banner system for the site as a whole and some pages. And then it will be time for another raffle at Stay tuned in for more news coming later today. Upgrade

S3B4_usa_512For approximately the next 72 hours, will be in transition to a new responsive layout. This has been pending for quite some time.

During this transition, some or all site sections may be unavailable or unstable. By next week, all should be put right again, and so…


We had planned to start a new raffle as of yesterday, but it did not work out. Both Barb and J.C. have very heavy work schedules at the moment. They prefer to be directly involved in happenings at rather than put that on the staff. And so, we will hold off for a week to see if their schedules clear up and give you another update by next Monday at the latest.

BOOK B-DAY RAFFLE: And the Winners (really) are…

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MW3_usa_512After some failed confirmations from one selected winner, we now have our third and final winner for this raffle. Along with April Halcomb and Mark Mains, Michael S. Hockenson Jr. has also won a signed, first edition, paperback of MW3: Witches with the Enemy.

Even now, all prizes are in the mail and should be in the winners’ hands with 10 days (usually). And with half a week gone, it will not be too long until next Monday morning… and another Audiobook raffle from Barb & J.C. and