August 20, 2014

Reader’s Choice Raffle—AND THE WINNER IS…

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S3B3_usa_256Jennifer Esworthy has won the first RCR at Her chosen prize of a signed, hardbound, first edition of S3B3: A Wind in the Night is already on its way.

For the rest of you, do not be too sad, for this is not the last RCR. Another is scheduled for the near future, perhaps in another two weeks, so watch for it.

We are a bit late in this announcement, for things have been quite busy around the home office. And in other news…

August 17, 2014

The Challenge of Promoting, Part 1

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businessman holding Reaching images streaming in hands .Financial and technologies conceptsThis is another share from our sister site of N.D. Author Services. Though we try to keep content here aimed at readers, even of some you may find this beginning entry in a new series to be of interest. It applies to any creative pursuit with a commercial aim, and not just authorship.

The age of signings and physical book promotion events is dwindling if not dead. Its cost-to-returns ratio is no longer viable as more readers switch to online purchasing and to ebooks. This is especially so as publishers cut back drastically (or completely) on such expenditures. They only allocate such to the 1% of their authors with the highest (international) and established name recognition. Sometimes not even for them, and footing the bill yourself is unadvisable if you are not among that 1%. Read more >>

Reader’s Choice Raffle—CLOSED

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256The winner has been selected (via use of, notified, and we are now waiting on confirmation of prize selection and shipping address. Should confirmation not arrive in the allotted time frame, we will then proceed to the reselection step.

We will have more news once this step is complete. And of course this is not the last raffle to come out of Watch for another RCR to come in the near future.

August 15, 2014


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2564Less than 12 hours to go until the closing of the first RCR raffle at Midnight, PST, tonight. That is still enough time to get your entry in to win a signed, first-edition hardback of your choice (from the list) of volumes from the Noble Dead Saga. See the original raffle notice, read the rules, and select your prize.

August 11, 2014

Reader’s Choice Raffle—REMINDER

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256The first RCR is still on-going. The prize is your choice of a signed, 1st-edition, hardback from the list presented. Hop over to the original raffle notice and read the rules. Select your preferred prize and submit your entry (one per person).

This raffle closes Friday, August 15th, 2014, Midnight PST, so you still have time.