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Witches with the Enemy

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Hi Gang. I know next May seems a long way away, but links to pre-order Witches with Enemy are popping up at all the right venues, some with special discounts if you order now. JC has added information and current links for this next volume of The Mist-Torn Witches series to our “Books” section at

I am really excited about this novel. Celine and Amelie learn more about their growing powers, and fans of the series will learn more about the tense relationship between Anton and his brother Damek than they probably want to know. Hah!

Pop over to the Books section, select The Mist-Torn Witches and then the new book cover to read the synopsis and find the vendor links.


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S3B2_usa_512Michael Hockenson, Jr. has won the 4th “Reader’s Choice Raffle” at Noble­Dead­.org and has chosen a signed, hardbound, first edition of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark as the prize.

For the rest of you, a special raffle is upcoming later in January after we have some time for recovery because…


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256_thumb1_thumb1The winner is being selected as you read this (via use of and will be notified shortly to confirm prize selection and shipping address.

Should confirmation not be received in the allotted time frame, we will then proceed to the reselection step. We will have more news once this step is complete. And of course this is not the last raffle to come out of Watch for another RCR later in November.


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2564There is just over 9 hours left for the third RCR. If you have not entered yet, this is your last chance to do so, though certainly more raffles are to come out of

The prize this time is your choice of a signed, hardbound, 1st-edition from the list presented. Hop over to the original raffle notice and read the rules. Select your preferred prize and submit your entry (one per person).

This raffle closes tonight, October 17th, 2014, Midnight PST. The next will not come until mid November.


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256The third RCR is still on-going. The prize is your choice of a signed, 1st-edition, hardback from the list presented. Hop over to the original raffle notice and read the rules. Select your preferred prize and submit your entry (one per person).

This raffle closes Friday, October 17th, 2014, Midnight PST, so you still have time.


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256Here we are again, and it is about time! As with previous raffles in this series, you pick your prize (from the list that follows) when you enter.

Barb and J.C. have “author’s copies” left for some hardbound volumes in Noble Dead Saga; first editions, just like in all raffles. The prize will be signed by them. Here are the volumes still available:

Cover Your Ass(ets), Part 1: Structuring Author Files (and Folders)

1 The following first entry in a new article series at N.D. Author Services might be of some interest to our readers. Not just those who are writers or aspire to be so, but also those involved in any creative endeavors using computer documents and other files. 

Whether you are (or aspire to be) a professional writer or specifically an author, the files you create and edit are precious commodities. Treat them so, like the blood in your veins.

The loss of even a fraction can be (1) dangerous or devastating to your career and/or (2) lead to a recreation process that might not (re)capture your original data. And no, just copying files to another location after a day’s work is not enough, though it is an adequate but temporary solution. READ MORE >>