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Homeward, II: The Feral Path — on iTunes


All appears stable after the release of Homeward, I: The Game Piece on iTunes. So it is time to expand offerings for Tales from the world of the Noble Dead Saga through our newest vendor.

Homeward, II: The Feral Path has been uploaded to the  iTunes store and should be available soon for all iOS devices. Keep in mind that any device using iOS can also load apps for our other vendors. If you used one of those on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone, you do not need to buy this title a second time. And at present, there are no apps for non-iOS devices… not even a Mac.

We hope that last part changes in the near future, as we are big advocates of people being able to purchase and read ebooks without having to buy yet another device… unless they want to. Freely testing out reading ebooks for the first time is just as important as sampling ebooks themselves.

Tales Update – Change of Schedule

J.C. has been overwhelmed with two Noble Dead books in overlapping phases, our online pursuits and problem solving, and managing the situation with vendors and their portals. He is still working on Bones of the Earth, II: Karras the Cat when spare moments allow as the sequel to BotE, I: Karras the Kitten. So the “Tales” release for September will be Homeward, V: The Reluctant Guardian by Barb.

HW5This last tale (for now) in the Homeward sequence should be available at all of our standard vendors by next weekend after its listing is established on our own site. And yes, some new tales sequences are in the planning phase even now. Any such will likely not debut until early next year after the release of S3B2: The Dog in the Dark in the Noble Dead Saga.

HW5 will not be up at iTunes until J.C. catches up on placing previously released tales at that vendor. But, since he has completed the final version of its cover (another of his duties), here is a little peek just to tease you.

That is all for now, dear readers, but keep your eyes open for further news by this coming weekend.