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E-Guns Blazing, Part 3: Who is Really on What Side of DRM… and Who is Shooting at Who?

“Book Spirit Hiramori”
by CurlyHair @

No rambling commentary this time. Rather just some links to opinions, facts, and other issues. DRM is a complicated matter with far reaching complications, implications, and peripheral damage. And sometimes, any one faction in the war may actually be on more than one side… depending on the details in question.

The following links were pointed out to me via FaceBook by a past college cohort and friend, who is also involved (as I once was in a different way) in the IT industry: Drew Morris.

I can’t say these articles will clear up any of your personal reader’s concerns, but there are some information and perspectives herein that I hadn’t thought about much myself. I’m learning more and more, like the rest who have taken an interest in their book and reading rights. So have a peek…