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Q&A: In the Beginning…

We’ve been asked many questions concerning the Noble Dead saga, authorship, and fiction writing. Some have been answered in past published interviews, but most of those are out of print. Many readers have also submitted questions through our old site, and we answered through email, one by one. Time for a change…

To provide our readers with a more direct way to interact with us, we’ll open up that same line of communication through this site, but in a different way. Rather than answer one by one, where possible we’ll answer questions here, online, where everyone can see the response in this new series of articles.

J.C. will handle most questions with Barb chiming in now and then. You should also keep an eye on her site over at Likely one “Q&A” question will be answered each Friday or Saturday, as selected from those received over the week and/or major ones asked in the past. Some of the questions answered herein may even become part of the site’s FAQs. But there are some conditions under which we cannot provide answers in these articles.

  1. Questions already fully answered in the “FAQs.” Please check those before submitting a question and, as “Q&A” entries build up, also see previous entries by selecting “QandA” from the Categories selection list in the site’s sidebar to the right.
           You can feel free to ask for clarification on a subpoint in one of our previous answers. If it would be of interest to other readers, we’ll try our best to clarify.
  2. Questions about content in unpublished or future works. These are a direct spoiler risk for everyone and will not be answered.
  3. Questions expanding upon details of character, plot, and setting found in currently available books. These may or may not be answered on a case by case basis. Some might be forbidden by #2 above or may create spoilers for readers not as far along in the saga as you are.
          If you’re unsure whether your question falls into this category, go ahead and ask anyway. Occasionally we might be able to point out something you forgot or overlooked in one of the published books. Anyone who has the indicated volume(s) of the saga can then go look it up. This way, we can give something of an answer without creating spoilers for those who haven’t gotten that far in the saga.

And so it begins. Use the “Contact” page to submit your questions. You can help make it clear for us by entering “Q&A” as the subject of your message. And expect the first true Q&A article by next Friday, folks.