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New Beginnings… Part 8


J.C. back again with another set of excerpts from this ongoing new work. But first, a little FAQ based on submitted questions from readers of “New Beginnings”…

Q: Is this going to be a self-published work, or are you going with a traditional publisher?
Last things first: there is no such thing as a “traditional” publisher. The publishing industry of today is unrecognizable for its way-back origins. Likewise, along the way, it has changed again and again in many ways, and is changing even now. The true difference is between a “professional” publisher, self-publisher, and the many steps in-between. Oh yes, there are other options, but that being said…
Once the manuscript is complete, it will be submitted to my (and Barb’s) literary agent, who will then “shop” it around to see what offers are made. After that, who knows, but certainly direct self-publishing is an option. We have done such before (see “Tales” at, and we are involved in consulting within this field for clients (see N.D. Author Services – site currently being upgraded.)
Q: Is this a sequel to the Noble Dead Saga or a spin-off?
No to the first; not really to the second. It does focus on a few minor characters first (and last) encountered in Thief of Lives (Series 1, Book 2), but this book centers very much around their own lives and adventures, which that have nothing to do with the saga's plot(s). It also has quite a cast never before seen in our previous novels.
Q: Are we gonna get all the way to the end, or at least to what happens with the hand?
No to the first; hmmm… maybe partly to the second. Sharing these rough excerpts is fun and certainly keeps me motivated. Very soon, Barb and I will settle in to writing the first book in our next collaborative project: Dead Seekers. When that starts, it will at least be a pause point for this solo project. I will re-evaluated my approach to this work at that time and afterward. Now onto what you came for…

New Beginnings... Part 7


J.C. back again, now that we have returned to our regularly scheduled content. Tomorrow morning, Shade (our rescued stray kitty) will be on her way to her newly found home in California. For those who need to catch up, do a search for “New Beginnings” here at to find previous installments in this series. Once again, grab your favored beverage and let’s get to it…


12030400_10205080477079370_700830217438465187_oFirst, we are very grateful to all who donated to Shade’s medical treatment and other needs and/or contributed references for new homes. She is already up and about a bit more, and even wants to “play” more often. That being said, fate played a roll once again, just as it did in sending her to the back door of our new address.

A long-time friend of ours came into town for another friend’s wedding. Before leaving home, she saw the notices about Shade, came by for dinner, and that was that.

Elyn Selu will take Shade home by plane this coming weekend. Additional funds were donated to purchase a Delta Airways certified, padded and ventilated, carrying case for Shade to ride with Elyn. Funds were also gathered to pay for an animal companion to ride with the owner. Neither Elyn nor us would ever let a family member ride in a cargo hold!

We are sad to see Shade go, for we have become (too) attached to her. We are overjoyed that she will have a new home and life with someone who shares our high values for four-footer family members. All of our blessings go with both of them! We hope that you wish them well, as well. Elyn is a saint in our books… or will be!


Shade_2_1024We have decide to open up to inquires from new caretakers (owners) for “Shade” (a nickname that you can change). If you or someone you know might be interested in giving her a loving, happy home for life, then contact us via (see “Contact” in the main site menu).

We are in the Portland, Oregon, USA metropolitan area, so that is a limiting factor. We are willing to drive her to anywhere within reach of half a day’s travel by car. Here is what we would see as some basic conditions for rehoming her.

  1. No more than one cat per person or one per bedroom/den/office room in the home; usually the lower count of the two but never above the higher count. This is a wise standard regardless of species, and one that we follow. Over his lifetime, J.C. has lived with some 12 other species; he has seen the effects of doing otherwise—none of which good for the humans or non-humans.

  2. No dogs. Shade is frightened of even other cats, likely because of abandonment and competing so young and so long for survival. Adapting her to other cats is possible if done wisely with patience. See this article for how to do so; there’s more that can done, but this outlines the necessities of good foundation.

  3. No long distance “shipping” will be considered. We will not trust Shade’s welfare to US cargo transport systems; she must be under direct human caretaking at all times during transport.

  4. A commitment to see to her coming booster shot if she is rehomed before the 30 day window for that. We will assist transferring her medical records so far to whatever veterinarian you designate. And since she has a blank chip in her, you should register her for her protection. It is a simple process.

And we will leave it at that for now. Please help us out by sharing this notice, which we may repeat over time. Thanks for your attention.

—J.C. Hendee


Shade_2_1024We returned from the veterinarian visit in better spirits; and we believe we have found Ashes and Cinders new doctor as well. And as for “Shade”…


Shade_2_1024Shade has now been in our spare room since yesterday morning with frequent time spent with her by one or both of us. Barb slept in there last night, and at first Shade was very confused. It was not long before…


Shade_2_1024All is going as well as can be expected based on our past rescues. Donations so far will help cover much of Shade’s initial examination. We will try to schedule that today, and if not, then first thing Monday morning during business hours. After her test results come in, we will see what else needs to be addressed.

If interested in helping, please see the hidden “SAVE SHADE” page at We will keep the updates flowing to let people know where we are in costs and how soon Shade will be ready for a new home. And our deepest thanks to those who donate so far, whose names will not be made public without their permission.

Today we begin setup to bring Shade inside into a secure area. She is already showing direct interest in doing so. Challenging, considering that our girls—Cinders and Ashes—dislike us interacting with other cats. After 24 hours since Shade’s “Frontline” application against external parasites (fleas, etc.), she should be safe if housed in the spare bedroom.

That’s all for today, but thank you for stopping by and taking an interest. If so inclined, please share out this post through your own social channels.


Shade_2Barb and J.C. have a long history of strays, ferals, and orphans of the four-footer kind seeking them out. It has happened again, and you can help them and the recent arrival nicknamed “Shade.”

Read all about it at the hidden “Save Shade” page at All funds (minus PayPal processing fees) go directly to Shade’s medical and (eventual) re-homing costs. Please do what you can or at least spread the word.

Updates will be made through about Shade’s progress and her fund.

New Beginnings… Part 6

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Another two draft scenes are now available as I inch forward on this solo project and bring Chapter 2 to a close…

New Beginnings… Part 5

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Time again from another couple of scenes from a work in progress. As always, these are initial drafts with little revision and subject to much more refinement. Grab your tea or coffee and again settle down for a few quiet moments of escape into another world…