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New Beginnings… Part 2


J.C. back again, though it may be two weeks plus before Part 3 appears. During that time, Barb and I will be busy settling into our new home, preparing for work on the coming new series, and going over our line-editor’s notes for S3B5: The Night Voice. August will be a very busy month for us.

For those stopping in on this series for the first time, you might take a peek at Part 1 to get caught up on what this is really about. Be mindful that these are extracts from a copyrighted work in progress. And so, let us continue…

New Beginnings…


J.C. here this time. Along with Barb and I relocating locally before fall sets in, we will soon begin the first book (under contract) in a new collaborative dark/high fantasy series to debut in January 2017. Around these imminent pursuits, there are other career duties to attend as well, so it might seem strange that I am driven to add one more big one. And then there is what to do to keep worthwhile content flowing at until well after the move.

It has been too long since I last worked on a solo novel of my own. A scary thought amid an overloaded schedule. To keep myself motivated in this additional pursuit, I will try something I have not done in over a decade. In the following weeks, I will share with you the post-draft (pre-finalized) scenes from this new work. I will not likely go beyond Chapter 3 in this manner, but feel free to comment and point others this way.

Be mindful that this is a copyrighted work. I have a title in mind, but will keep that secret for now. And so, let us begin…

Noble Dead Raffle: And the Winner is…

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S3B4_usa_512Paula Holder has won a signed, hardbound, first edition of First and Last Sorcerer sent to her straight from Barb and J.C.  It will be on its way Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

At present, Barb and J.C. are also in the process of relocating by the end of the month. Along with a new collaborative novel (for a new series) to start, they need a little break. Our next raffle will not be until mid-August at the earliest to give them time to setup in their new home office as well. But along the way, something else is planned.

Stay with us, as this is not even close to the last raffle out of, and other treats are coming your way as well. Watch for them and don’t miss out.

Noble Dead Raffle: Final Call

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S3B4_usa_512This raffle for a signed, first edition, hardbound of First and Last Sorcerer ends tonight at midnight PST. You have until then to get your entry in by seeing the original post for instructions and the new location of our secured raffle entry form.

By tomorrow, the winner will be contacted for final shipping confirmation. We hope to announce the winner by Monday morning at the latest.

This will not be our last raffle, of course, but we may be on a break for a few weeks until the next one. Watch to keep up on the latest news and further raffles to come… and check out our new site layout so far.